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We are excited to announce the publication of Beyond the Sale—For Real Estate Agents—How to Create a Great Business and a Life You Love: Discover the Secrets to Success, Including Seven Keys from Top-Producing Agents.

Praise for the Book

“You’d be hard pressed to find two better experts to guide you toward a successful career in real estate than Jerri and Ken. Beyond the Sale is a comprehensive guide that will tell you exactly what you need to do to not only build a solid, referral generated business, but to create a fulfilling and satisfying personal life, too. If you follow their lead and do the work in this book, there’s no end to what you can achieve!”

– Cheryl Richardson
NY Times bestselling author of Take Time for Your Life

About the Book

This is the book that you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for!

Beyond the Sale is a comprehensive guide that will tell you exactly what you need to do to not only build a solid, referral-generated business, but to create a fulfilling and satisfying personal life…” writes Cheryl Richardson, NY Times bestselling author of Take Time for Your Life.

Written by a master business/real estate coach and the accomplished manager of two top residential brokerage offices in Boston, Beyond the Sale—for Real Estate Agents—How to Create a Great Business and a Life You Love brings together practical strategies and long-time wisdom about goal creation with the latest research on topics such as time management, self-care, and accountability. These are key subjects for people who want to enjoy a fulfilling life, with accompanying business success.

The book engages the reader, step-by-step, in a self-reflective process that reveals values, strengths, interests and goals; it then shows one how to design a personalized action plan around these.

Included in the book are ways to

  • Find your purpose
  • Create a vision and a plan for your business and for your life
  • Creatively market your business in ways that work for you.
  • Maximize your time and take time for yourself when you are at
    your busiest
  • Set boundaries with clients and others
  • Create an intimate relationship (if that’s what you want)
  • Make it all happen.
  • Plus, seven keys to success from top-producing agents and a
    wealth of inspiring anecdotes and real-world examples.


Although written for practicing real estate agents, Beyond the Sale is applicable for other audiences, including therapists, attorneys, wealth managers and solopreneurs—anyone who wants to grow their business and also have a great life.

Join our Facebook group, Beyond the Sale—for Real Estate Agents, where you can connect with other agents (and us) to ask and answer questions on topics in the book. It is also a place for you to get support from us and from other agents throughout the country.

About the Authors

Jerri Udelson

Jerri Udelson has been called a “coaching pioneer and visionary.” She is one of the first one hundred people to be designated a Master Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation. Jerri is the founder of International Coaching Week, now celebrated worldwide in countries as disparate as Kenya, India and the United Kingdom. She was recently named an RISMedia 2019 Real Estate Newsmaker for her contribution to the real estate industry.

Her coaching company, Entrepreneurial Coaching and Consulting, focuses on helping real estate agents, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals grow their businesses quickly and strategically, while also creating lives they love outside of work.

Clients have called her “direct and insightful,” “terrific to work with,” “very caring and intuitive,” and “warm, fun to talk to, and non-judgmental.

Jerri has been a licensed real estate broker in Massachusetts for over twenty-five years. Prior to starting her coaching business she was a consultant to startups in Boston and the COO and CFO of a training company.

Jerri lives in Santa Fe, NM with her partner and their Siamese cats. She coaches worldwide, via phone, text and email.

Ken Tutunjian

Ken Tutunjian has been the vice president and manager of two Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage offices in Back Bay, Boston, MA for more than two decades. He oversees 85 agents in the selling and renting of condominiums, townhouses and cooperatives in the luxury market. His specialty is working with developers in the areas of historic renovation and mid-rise new construction.

Ken is recognized by the agents and staff he manages for his approachable, yet direct, style, and for his kindness and caring.

As some of his agents have said, “He has always been there for me.” “He’s perceptive and intuitive; he’s not just a manager, he’s an advisor and coach.” “He’s been the most important mentor I have ever had throughout my entire sales career.”

Ken’s motto is, “Giving back is in my DNA, and nurturing Boston is an honor.” He is active on many local boards, including Community Servings and the Back Bay Association. Ken was recently appointed as a city commissioner on the Back Bay Architectural Commission.

Ken is a classically trained musician and a former museum curator. He lives in Boston’s South End.

Contact The Authors

If you want to learn more about real estate coaching or about business coaching, contact Jerri at

If you want to learn more about working as a Coldwell Banker agent, contact Ken at

If you want to find out about presentations, workshops and seminars with the authors, contact us at

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