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Posted by Jerri & Ken on January 13, 2021
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Happy New Year! Wishing you a joyous, prosperous, and peaceful 2021! Traditionally this is the time many of us make long lists of New Year’s resolutions. Often, however, only a fraction of these promises to ourselves is ever actually achieved.

Instead of making the usual resolutions–which are often lists of obligatory “shoulds” and re-treaded plans that we really don’t feel like starting, much less keeping (such as “lose weight,” “clean out my closets,”
“give up caffeine,” etc.) how about creating a goal that you will actually enjoy working on? Here are a few exercises to help you create new and meaningful goals for 2021.

Exercise 1

First: pick a goal that’s something you really want to have in the new year. Choose something that is fun and easy that will bring joy to you. Pick something that you are excited about.

Write it down here:

Now, choose several simple action steps that you can take to help you accomplish your goal. Make sure to make them easy. (If necessary, break the steps into small do-able actions.)

List the steps here: Deadline





Now, go back and create deadlines for accomplishing each of the above steps.

Finally, list these steps and deadlines in your calendar or on your computer.

Exercise 2

Now, think about this new year. What’s one change you can make today that will have a major impact upon the quality of your life in 2021? It can be something that you will remove from your life
(e.g. the habit of procrastination, binge watching Netflix, “recreational”on-line shopping, etc.), or it can be something that you will add (for example, scheduling monthly massages, acquiring a pet, taking quarterly
weekend trips once the pandemic is over, etc.). Choose something that will make a big difference to you.

Again, write it down:

How will you ensure that you stay on track? Who will you ask for support? What system will you put into place to make sure that you implement the change?

And finally,

If you’re stuck or if you’d like some support in creating your goals for 2021, I am offering a complimentary half-hour of coaching for you, your friends, family and colleagues. Please give me a call at (505) 988-5533
or e-mail me at JerriU@gmail.com to set up a time. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!