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Doing the Essential

Posted by Jerri & Ken on March 20, 2019
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“The Key to Success?  Doing Less” is the intriguing title of an article in the “Wall Street Journal” (January 13-14, 2018).  In the piece author Morten T. Hansen touts the value of taking on fewer tasks—the ones most critical to your job or business—and eliminating the rest. 

He suggests that rather obsess over numerical goals, the best performers ask:  “What value can I create?”  I agree, and would add, “What can I do that only I can do?  How can I maximize my time and my efforts?”

In our book “Beyond the Sale—for Real Estate Agents:  How to Create a Great Business and a Life You Love,” Ken Tutunjian and I wrote:  “Do the things you are best at, and hire people to do the things they are best at.” 

In real estate sales there are five key tasks that lead to success.  These are marketing and promotion, obtaining listings, selectively working with buyers, negotiating offers and resolving problems.

If you want to learn more about delegation (as well as which tasks ought to be delegated) read Key 4: Become Great at Delegating.  This Key alone can help you enhance the quality of your work life and grow your business.