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Are You a Secret Agent?

Posted by Jerri & Ken on November 30, 2018
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Ken: An agent in my office was on the regional board of her college alumni association. The man sitting next to her at monthly board meetings for the past four years had turned to her and said, “I won’t be here next month. You won’t be seeing much of me as I’m selling my house and moving out of town.”

The next day the agent stormed into my office, her hands flailing above her head in frustration and said, “Can you believe this guy, not giving me the opportunity to list his house?”

I asked her, “Did you ever tell him you were in real estate?”
She looked at me with daggers in her eyes, turned around and went back to her desk.

Don’t be a secret agent!
This doesn’t mean that you ought to be passing out business cards at wedding receptions and funerals. It does mean that you should tell people in your book club, volunteer organization and dog walking group that you are a Realtor ®, and say it with pride and conviction.